About Australia

​In every part of Australia you’ll find unique experiences to make your medical journey spectacular!

Australia is a land of colour, vitality and contrast. Its beautiful coastlines contain within them a country boasting a distinctive culture, rich history, culinary delights, world class shopping, arts and entertainment. It is a truly vibrant country just waiting to be explored.

Blessed with amazing natural wonders, Australia offers vast open spaces, stunning coasts, lush rainforests, world-class beaches, spectacular mountain ranges and unique flora and fauna. Visitors inclined toward adventure will be as gratified as those who might want to take more time to enjoy breath-taking views. Australia has a rich indigenous history and culture as well as a more recent history of immigration; there are people here from all over the world.

While Australia may be on the other side of the world from you, the civilised and cosmopolitan city centres will make you feel right at home. Claiming some of the world’s best eateries, making some of the world’s best wine and regularly hosting world-class sporting and cultural events, there is something here for everyone. The general medical practice working environment in Australia is very rewarding. Doctors are well-respected in Australia and overseas doctors find they are easily accepted, often becoming an integral part of their local community. There is a strong focus on maintaining a healthy work/life balance, with doctors generally working 38-40 hours per week.

Ochre Recruitment’s clients are primarily major tertiary referral medical centres and hospitals. Our parent company, Ochre Health, currently operates medical centres in over thirty locations across Australia. Recognising the varying healthcare needs of rural Australia, Ochre Health has established an enviable track record in delivering high quality, sustainable healthcare and medical services. Such consistent and ongoing service provision has greatly improved health outcomes among the communities in which they operate.

Australia is a friendly, multicultural nation with locals well known for their outgoing and welcoming dispositions. It’s a great place for families – education, healthcare, beach and outdoor lifestyle opportunities make it a wonderful place for children to grow up. Many people who visit Australia never want to leave; it’s likely that you’ll want to stay too!

In every part of Australia you’ll find unique experiences to make your medical journey spectacular!